Merry Christmas!!

いつものごとくCD baby経由で。

今回、iTunesStoreに続いてAmazon MP3と、あとどうやら、
新しい音楽配信サービスであるGoogle Music Storeにも登録されるっぽいです。
Google Music Storeは注目していたけれど米国内限定と聞いていて、
残念だなーとか勝手に思ってたら、よく考えたらCD babyは米国じゃんwww


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It's a little bit late for Christmas gift, anyway,
now I'm on the way of distributing "GALAPAGOS" on iTunesStore.
As usual, through the US distributer, CD baby.

This time it seems that GALAPAGOS will be on the list of not only iTunesStore
and Amazon MP3, but also the brand-new distributer, Google Music Store!!
It is US only distributer, so at first I misunderstood that I could not use it,
but you know, through CD baby means "from US" :)

Please wait for a moment. It is coming soon!!